Creative Arts

Fine Arts

We believe that Painting, Drawing, Sculpting and other fine arts all have an important and unique role in our expressions of worship. We are looking for persons with these gifts to work with our Worship Design Team to explore the endless possibilities of communicating truth to our culture.

People Color Wheel

Graphic Arts

Print and other visual media play an invaluable role in our communication. We need people who are gifted in portraying and interpreting ideas visually to assist each of our ministry areas in clear effective communication.


We are looking for photographers with that keen eye to capture photos that are worthy of use as worship media, on our website and other events. If you are a photographer that desires to utilize their artistic talent in the context of ministry, we need you.

Videography and Post Production Arts

Video and film are immutable forces in our culture. Harnessing the power of story through this media is a high priority for us and will only increase over time. We need camera operators, editors, directors, actors and others to help us fulfill this part of our vision for worship.